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A required $20 per person amenity fee cover use of all recreational facilities. Upon payment, you will receive armbands which must be worn while on the property. Purchase these armbands from Security location next to the main entrance of the main pool. A visitor parking pass is required as well! There is no charge for parking pass which is issued when you purchase the wrist-bands.

Check Out

Departure Responsibilities

Check out time is 12:00 noon


We ask that you do a few simple tasks before you depart:

  • Leave property reasonably clean and in reasonable order.

  • If the grill is used during the stay, it must be cleaned with all ashes dumped; otherwise, a cleaning fee of $50 fee will be charged.

  • Leave kitchen items (dishes, cookware, etc.) clean. Dishes must be washed and stored back in cabinet.

  • Dispose of all trash in proper outside containers. (in front of the basketball goal and mail boxes behind wood gate)

  • Lock all doors and windows.

  • Leave all beds unmade and linens on the floor.

  • Leave all used towels in the bath tubs

  • Put air condition on 78 degrees

Note:  Additional cleaning charges may apply if the property condition warrants it.

As you are leaving the property, simply text "check out" to 334-790-2339. You will then be checked out.

Your check-out process will be complete and you can begin your safe journey.

No pets are allowed.



If you missing any items in the property please call us at 334-790-2339.

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